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Only Adam (The Owner) will be wrighting in this area

Only Important Updates Are going To Be Mentioned Here

New Look!(And more) 1.9.8

Sorry for being away for a while, we were working behind the scenes on some things, and planing what to do in the future. But now we are back and working on the webiste again. You may have noticed the text color is now blue, and the backround is a few shades darker, we recently changed up the Style. we also upgraded the the homepage(upgraded clock, removed comments) and removed my old concept map (did not feel nesessary to show it off). Quick mention on 2.0, this has been delayed due to us haveing server issues.

The Nexus (And 2.0 Coming Soon)(April 7th) 1.9.7

Recently I Decided The Games Page Needed an update, the normal links were just too borring, and the page was becoming very long with at least 10 new games comming soon. I decided to add something called the "nexus" it is the new games page. (if you have not figured out how to use it just hover over the picture for a bit then text will apear with the name of the game then click on the picture of the game Then it will bring you to the game page.) Now About 2.0, this is going to be a milestone as the biggest update on this site (so far) will take place...

The Loading screen and games(update) (March 25th) 1.9.1

We have found the game problem the links had not switched yet! The team is currently fixing this issue, please give us 1-3 business days to resolve the issue.

The Loading screen and games (March 25th)1.8.7

Sorry about the loading screen problom it should be fixed now, And as for games we will temporaroly be putting a comment section at the bottom of the blog section because the team cannot seem to figure out how to fix it. Now The rules to the comment section: no swearing. no hurtfull things. all HELPFUL feedback welcome. If all of theese conditions are met then it will stay.

Some Of The Futre Changes! (March 21st) 1.7.3

We will be adding more javascript, There will be more games, More cool stuff, and more!

Notice (March 20th) 1.7.0

As of March 21st 2016 Velocity-12 is getting a name change, the team has decided to change the name, give it a different look and upgrade to have more javascript in it. AdamCorp has decided the sub devision useless and has merged the two together so now we are one and we now have the title AdamCorp